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How to Prevent a Social Media Crisis


Technology advances faster than government can adapt, so laws that were enacted before social media existed often determine its lawful use.

Breaking those laws can cost employers hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and obliterate brand equity…but most managers don’t even know that they exist.

Welcome to the world of social media ethics, where the things that marketers and PR practitioners don’t know can put their clients out of business.


Content Marketing in a Crowded Market [PODCAST]

Content Marketing Strategy Expert Mike Moran

Content Marketing Strategist and Former IBM Distinguished Engineer Mike Moran shares his content marketing strategy template to B2B marketing practitioners.

How do you devise a B2B content marketing strategy when your competition is already there?

When the first-mover advantage has lapsed, how do you come up with a B2B content marketing strategy that’s differentiated?

And how do you launch and maintain a content strategy for clients with unrealistic objectives? [continue reading…]

When the Storyteller Is More Important Than the Story

If you’re trying to win hearts and minds in a contentious political environment–or customers in a competitive marketplace–what you say may not be as important as who says it.

The storyteller has become more important than the story.

Whether you’re selling policy or product, the public grows uncertain when influencers argue. If you’re trying to compel someone to act…


b2b-albumart (1)In this episode of For Immediate Release B2B, Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman interview SAP Head of Social Business Sarah Goodall and discuss the risks of relying on social networks to deliver news in a democracy, Sprinklr’s Get Satisfaction acquisition, Meerkat and Periscope.

Fair use is an essential tool for journalists, enabling them to draw upon copyrighted material in the name of the public’s right to know. But who decides what constitutes fair use in a medium that spans the globe? [continue reading…]

#TTIP Most Discussed Topic in Lithuania

Ambassador McCarthy - Eric Schwartzman (1)The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the most popular topics of conversation on social media in Lithuania, according to a recent study I conducted to inform the digital communications strategy of the US Embassy to Vilnius for Ambassador Deborah A. McCarthy.

Our findings also suggest that recent data from Pew Research — which showed 71 percent of Lithuanians support a free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. — has spilled over into a vibrant discussion on social media about the potential economic benefits of TTIP to Lithuanians.