Eric Schwartzman
Digital Marketing Consultant

Eric Schwartzman is a Digital Marketing Consultant with special expertise in digital media compliance. He also advises on digital audits, B2B content marketing, B2B SEO, B2B social media marketing, list building B2B email marketing, social media policy development, social media compliance, social media and web development. Schwartzman founded iPRSoftware and is the author of the best selling B2B digital marketing book “Social Marketing To The Business Customer,” the first book on business-to-business applications of social media with a special chapter on SEO For B2B and the Social Media Governance Template. Download a free copy of his vendor neutral 2020 Media Monitoring Buyers Guide.

Social Media Ethics Training

Learn social media ethics, your NLRB rights & avoid provoking copyright, defamation or harassment claims

Put ethics first and learn to do the right thing when you use social media.

Understand the difference between what you can do and what you should do.

Learn how sound ethics impact social networking practices when you engage on social networks.

  • Is social media screening ethical?
  • What are the ethics of social media use at work?
  • Ethical social networking conduct
  • What constitutes online sexual harassment
  • Your rights, defamation and anti-discrimination online

70% of Employers Take Disciplinary Action Against Employees for Social Media Misuse
Learn ethical conduct online in this self-paced training on social networking ethics.

Learn to use social media effectively while enhancing ethics and compliance.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to use social media for business without violating Federal, State and local rules and regulations.


  1. Overview


  2. Introduction


  3. Agency Laq


  4. NLRA


  5. Netiquette


  6. Public vs. Private


  7. Defamation


  8. Discrimination & Harassment


  9. Confidential Sources


  10. Wrap Up


Total Runtime: 30:45