The Dirty Little Secret about Social Media Policies

Social media policies are certainly useful when an employer needs to take disciplinary action against and employee for misconduct.

But they don’t help employees use social media effectively or responsibly. At least not most employees. And that’s because few people actually read corporate policy. And if they do, even fewer understand what they’re reading.


Because they’re busy. Because they have more important things to do.

Everyone agrees that training is important. But up to now, there’s been no affordable way to train entire companies on effective social media use.

That’s why we’ve just released the first, on-demand, self-paced social media compliance training curriculum aimed at the entire enterprise.

You can sample the first lecture from each course on our site now. And if you’re attending the PRSA International Conference this week, I’ve got a promo code to take one the course for free.

Policy without training is not a winning strategy. Now there’s a way to turn all employees into social media ambassadors and manage risk at the same time.

I’m really excited about these new courses. Of you have a chance to check them out, please let me know what you think.