Twitter Training Course Online Just in Time

Twitter-TrainingToday we released an updated, comprehensive online Twitter Training course to teach individuals and organizations how to use Twitter effectively and responsibly for work.

Too many embarrassing social media meltdowns happen because of poor judgment and Twitter. Our new Twitter Training online course is designed to teach viewers how to use Twitter for work. But we also cover how not to use it.

The Twitter Training course combines how to functionality with step-by-step exercises and case studies to teach viewers best practices.   It’s comprised of 38 HD live action videos with annotated desktop and mobile screen casts that walk viewers through beginning, intermediate and advanced tutorials of Twitter features.

You could teach yourself how to tweet online, but our Twitter Training makes it easier.  The course includes lessons on the anatomy of Twitter and a tweet, account set-up best practices, @mentions, retweets, direct messages, hashtags, favorites, followers, followings, finding users, social discovery, advanced Twitter search, what to tweet about, when to tweet, Hootsuite, Klout, Instagram, Foursquare, embeds and much more.

Twitter misuse has become a cultural phenomenon.  The plot of the low-budget, independent hit comedy movie “Chef” was based on the main character’s misunderstanding of Twitter privacy. The film grossed over $33 million at the box-office. The NYPD recently started sending its officers to Twitter class, according to reports reports by Natasha Velez of NY Post and Kari Paul of Mashable. And the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) reportedly offered Twitter classes to British Diplomats, according to Matthew Holehouse of The Telegraph.

Twitter has 271 million monthly active users, far less than Facebook’s 1.32 billion monthly active users. In the US, only 19% of online adults use Twitter, while 71% of use Facebook.

Twitter Training assessment questions after each lesson to verify and keep a record of the knowledge transferred. The course is available online at or can be licensed and hosted in a the client’s learning management system (LMS).