Social Media for Customer Service – Training Webinar

Eric Schwartzman
Eric Schwartzman
B2B Growth Marketing Consultant
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Eric Schwartzman is a B2B Growth Marketing Consultant specializing in digital audits, B2B content marketing, B2B SEO, B2B social media marketing, list building B2B email marketing, social media policy development, social media compliance, social media and web development. Schwartzman founded iPRSoftware and is the author of the best selling B2B digital marketing book “Social Marketing To The Business Customer,” the first book on business-to-business applications of social media with a special chapter on SEO For B2B and the Social Media Governance Template.
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Social Media for Customer Service – Training Webinar

90-minute social customer service training webinar

Improve call center efficiency and ROI by helping more customers in less time on social networks in this introductory social customer service training webinar.

  • Understanding the multi-channel customer experience strategy
  • Distinguishing between public vs. private conversations
  • Engaging customers at the ‘point of escalation’
  • Re-active and proactive social media engagement techniques
  • Legal and compliance ramifications of social customer service

Give Consumers the Social Customer Service Options They Expect
Social media has fundamentally changed the way customers look for and get help with all kinds of products and services. Get it right and you turn customer service into good public relations. Get it wrong, and risk tarnishing your organization’s reputation.

Click here to customize this Social Media for Customer Service webinar for your call center agents and customer service representatives. SCORM-compliant assessments for certification available on request.

 Nov 4, 2015 – 11AM PT
 Online Webinar
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