How Sodexo Uses a Mobile App to Recuit Talent [PODCAST]

Social media recruiting at Sodexo Careers involves much more than just a Linkedin presence and a blog. Under the guidance of Arie Ball, VP of Talent Acquisition, the Sodexo social media recruitment strategy encompasses the Sodexo Jobs mobile app, nearly a dozen managed communities tailored to specific job tasks and branded social media accounts on every major social network. Sodexo is social, local and mobile in their recrutiment marketing efforts.


In this episode our guest is Chloe Rada (pictured left), the voice of Sodexo Careers and senior marketing manager in the talent acquisition department.  She’s focused on the use of social media to open up lines of communications between candidates and recruiters and her mission is to help the talent acquisition department communicate what it’s like to work at Sodexo.  Her team is 100% virtual and supports the hiring of management positions only. Hourly employees are hired by others.


Sodexo is the world’s 20th largest employer, processing roughly 20,000 job applications each month. They started using social media for recruiting in 2007 to develop deeper relationships with the talent community by communicating with them on their preferred social network.

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Social Media Recruiting Topics Discussed:
  • The history of social media recruiting at Sodexo
  • Content marketing for career advancement
  • Sodexo Jobs mobile app (screenshot right)
  • Rules of engagement for social media communications
  • Social media training needs at large organizations
  • Growing importance of generating original, visual content.
  • Que Social platform for scaling engagement
  • Resume tips for jobseekers
About the Podcaster:

Eric Schwartzman is Founder and CEO of online social media training provider Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.

He is also an independent communications consultant for hire to businesses, global nonprofits, the US Military, US Federal government agencies and foreign governments. His consulting services include digital strategy, social media audits, social media policy development training, online public relations, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Schwartzman founded iPRSoftware, his best-selling book “Social Marketing to the Business Customer” is the first book devoted exclusively to social media for business-to-business communications, and he’s founding chair of the Digital Impact Conference in NYC.

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