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How To: Activate Your Subscription

If you purchased single or multi-user access to our library of social media training courses, this post will teach you how to activate your subscription.

But before you get started, you’ll need a current browser (we support Firefox, Chrome and IE) and a fast enough broadband connection to watch YouTube videos without excessive buffering latency. If you have a restrictive firewall, try watching the courses at home and see if that resolves the issue. We support mobile browsers as well.

Is Social Media Governance Obsolete?

Social media governance is supposed to help make sure employees use public social networks responsibly.

No one wants to be publicly humiliated, embarrassed or sued for social media misuse.

But is it time for social media governance to evolve into something that covers all things digital?

Shouldn’t social media governance address social media ethicssocial media securitysocial media privacy and social media surveillance as well? [continue reading…]

FTC Gets Tough on Social Media Disclosure


In response to the US Federal Trade Commission’s first settlement with an advertiser over a failure to comply with the FTC’s Dotcom Disclosure Guidelines, Comply Socially has released a Social Media Disclosure & Transparency certification program to help advertisers and brand marketers mitigate the risks of provoking deceptive advertising claims. [continue reading…]

It Wasn’t Culture that Ate Strategy for Lunch…

dinnerHungry? Good. It’s time to eat.

But we won’t be serving 90-day strategies, or corporate culture.  We’re eating governance.

Don’t glaze over.  It’s much tastier than you think.

You see, while you were at the off-site strategic communications planning session, governance grew up.

That’s right.  In the age of the shared digital customer journey, governance trumps culture, according to a new qualitative report by Altimeter on the opinions of “strategists and executives who are responsible for or influence their organization’s social business governance.” [continue reading…]

Business-Case-Soc-Media-Shareable-Sq-Instagram-2EOnly 1 in 4 employees thoroughly understands their employer’s social media policy, according to a new report on best practices for social media management and archiving.

The study was underwritten by technology vendors Gwava, Proofpoint and Smarsh, who all seek to accelerate growth by making the business case for their SaaS security, threat protection, monitoring, compliance and archiving offerings.

The report by Osterman Research argues that while most organizations see social media as a marketing play, there’s evidence to suggest that other applications like social sales, social customer service and sentiment analysis are actually the bigger plays, which requires broader adoption, beyond just marketing and PR.   [continue reading…]